Acquisition of qualified traffic: best practices

What are the market challenges in terms of traffic acquisition? What are the KPIs to take into account? What are the solutions and best practices to be implemented?

Hosted by:

Léo Chappaz

Léo Chappaz

Global VP, Performance Advertising

Duration: 30 min


01:22 – Market challenges: quality & incrementality
03:59 – Avoiding duplicated inventory
06:41 – CPC traded campaigns imperfections
09:16 – Teads approach to those challenges
11:24 – Let’s define the metric that matters
14:01 – Definitions: Bounce rate & Time spent
17:25 – How can we target the right person?
20:15 – Prequalify your traffic through the creatives
21:35 – A/B testing: creative variations drive results
23:19 – No Pixel, no Party
24:52 – Pixel management tools
26:27 – Landing page recommendations

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