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Teads reaches 1.9B people worldwide through its inRead format across the most premium publishers on the web. In this course, we break down the solutions behind Teads’ full funnel approach alongside strategies advertisers can implement to reach consumers with changing habits.
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Introduction Teads

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The Global Media Platform

How Teads delivers guaranteed media outcomes in quality environments

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Topics include: Mass reach, impactful creative, data solutions, optimized outcomes, brand safety, quality publishers, curated internet, Advertise Responsibly, delivering attention, professionally produced content, social media, contextual targeting, semantic analysis, Teads Interest Graph, audience targeting, Teads Studio, creative optimization, inRead, Teads for Publishers, Prediction AI, Teads Audiences, Teads Ad Manager

Full Funnel Solutions

Ways Teads delivers on clients’ full KPIs throughout the funnel by driving awareness, consideration, and conversion

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Topics include: Predictive AI, billable outcomes, rich media viewable display, qualified traffic acquisition, Teads Traffic Acquisition


Teads solutions to maximize reach, driving brand or product awareness

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Topics include: viewable impressions, completed views, incremental reach, in-demo reach, maximizing unique viewers, TV asset adaption, opt-in, Teads Studio, ad awareness, viewability, relevant messaging, inRead Social, deduplication, efficiency, context reachcast, contextual alignment


Dive into how Teads helps to drive consideration

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Topics include: Teads Studio, reasons to buy, interactivity, traffic acquisition, quality site visits, incrementality, billable outcomes, viewability, engagement, drag-and-drop functionality, customization, in-view time, mobile, billable outcomes, purchase intent, shoppability, quality traffic, Teads Traffic Acquisition, qualified visitors, CPiV, quality site visit, incremental traffic


How Teads provides lower funnel solutions, driving quality traffic from exclusive, direct supply

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Topics include: viewable-by-design, programmatic, Performance Deal ID, CPA, CPC, conversion, exclusive supply, frictionless activation, cost per site visit, add to cart

Teads Ad Manager

The most effective and efficient way to buy Teads solutions

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Topics include: guaranteed outcomes, cost savings, full funnel solutions, UI, efficiency, curated internet, tech fee, vendor verification, AI, viewability, time in-view, brand list

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