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The experts at Teads have curated a series of course content to build upon your knowledge of our industry-leading solutions. We encourage you to #LearnWithTeads and check out our courses covering topics such as Teads Ad Manager and Teads core offerings.

Introduction Teads

Intro to Teads

Teads reaches 1.5B people worldwide through its inRead format across the most premium publishers on the web. In this course, we break down the solutions behind Teads’ full funnel approach...
Introduction Teads Ad Manager

Intro to TAM

We built Teads Ad Manager as a response to ongoing challenges in the current ad tech ecosystem. This course will provide background on these hurdles and how you can use...
Intro To Teads Studio

Intro to Teads Studio

As the industry inches closer to being dominated by mobile, advertisers are constantly questioning how to adapt existing content for a vertical screen with limited attention. This course offers an...
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