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The experts at Teads have curated a series of course content to build upon your knowledge of our industry-leading solutions. We encourage you to #LearnWithTeads and check out our courses covering topics such as Teads Ad Manager and Teads core offerings.

Introduction Teads

Intro to Teads

Teads reaches 1.9B people worldwide through its inRead format across the most premium publishers on the web. In this course, we break down the solutions behind Teads’ full funnel approach...
Introduction Teads Ad Manager

Intro to TAM

We built Teads Ad Manager as a response to ongoing challenges in the current ad tech ecosystem. This course will provide background on these hurdles and how you can use...
Intro To Teads Studio

Intro to Teads Studio

As the industry inches closer to being dominated by mobile, advertisers are constantly questioning how to adapt existing content for a vertical screen with limited attention. This course offers an...
Introduction Teads Ad Manager

TAM UI Overview

Designed as a continuation of our “Intro to Teads Ad Manager” course, this course is tailored to traders and consists of several deep dives to provide supplemental knowledge of TAM’s...
Advertise Responsibly

Advertise Responsibly

This course is a deep dive into the 5 pillars of Teads’ commitment to Advertise Responsibly. Our Teads experts provide best practices for advertising safely in times of uncertainty, providing...
Teads cookieless solutions

Cookieless industry landscape

Get a deep understanding of the cookieless industry landscape. This training will give you a 360 view of the cookieless landscape. From understanding how cookieless became the new normal into...
Teads cookieless solutions

Teads cookieless solutions

Learn how Teads makes cookieless immediately actionable within Teads Ad Manager: The cookieless platform. Supported by live demos, you will discover how to leverage relevant cookieless targeting solutions throughout the...

Teads Ad Manager Certification Courses

Take a tour of the Teads Ad Manager platform video courses led by our platform experts and learn how to super charge your campaigns.

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