Teads’ team of digital ad industry experts are always on the lookout for ways to bring useful, timely subject matter expertise to the market. This collection of training modules was designed to help you learn and develop a better understanding of the technologies, trends and insights that make Teads a unique player in the market. Here you’ll find everything from the basics of our core products and innovations to deep insights into the trends impacting our industry.

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Become an expert on Teads fundamentals with the help of our compilation of courses covering industry topics such as programmatic, data, innovation, creative optimization, and more.
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Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes including topics covered in each training module.
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Test your knowledge of Teads solutions and work towards your certification by starting with courses covering our most popular topics such as Teads Ad Manager and Teads core products!

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get certified

Teads is one of the leading companies in the advertising technology space. Going through our certifications will help you deliver the most effectiveness for your clients and continue to sharpen your skillset.


Learn from Teads experts through our webinars that cover subjects such as brand safety, quality journalism, cookieless targeting, predictive AI, creative optimizations and more.


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Teads distributes advertising to 1.9 billion people every month across the world’s best publishers. inRead, Teads’ flagship ad experience, is placed in the heart of professionally-produced editorial content providing premium, engaging, and brand safe ad experiences. At Teads, we think differently. We are diverse and celebrate each other at every turn. We learn quickly, evolve constantly and innovate every day. We praise creativity and authenticity. We believe that equality in the workplace drives progress and that the sum of our parts are the glue to our whole. We are a collection of over 900 people who possess different values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences and behaviors and together, we are just getting started. We are The Global Media Platform.

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