Improve your TAM skills
with our Live sessions

The TAM Agency Certification is a global, live training program for agencies, allowing participants to gain the knowledge of essential features of the TAM platform.

Who is it for?

Agency Teams - Planners, Traders, Buyers & Digital consultants

What’s included?

Education session, Q&A, Demo and certification Quiz

How long does it take?

TAM Fundamentals – 60 Mins
TAM Master – 90 Mins

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Reach out to your local Teads rep to get involved!

Reach out to your local Teads rep to get involved!

Why choose TAM Certification:

TAM Live certification is a great program to increase your reputation agency.

Strengthen your knowledge:

Deep-dive on essential
TAM products and features

Free for partners:

Trainings and examination is complimentary for Teads Ad Manager users

Save time:

Learn how to set-up campaigns
in under 5 minutes

Showcase your expertise:

Earn TAM certification badges to showcase to your professional network on LinkedIn

TAM Program

What you will learn:

Teads Ad Manager live certification is a two courses program, pick your.

Level 1 – TAM Fundamentals

- Best practice set-up for efficient and effective activation
- How to plan campaign strategies using our Planner Tool
- How to track campaign performance and generate campaign reports

Level 2 – TAM Masters

- Advanced TAM targeting capabilities and data management
- Key features of branding and traffic acquisition trading strategies
- The details of machine learning for guaranteed outcomes

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