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The TAM Agency Certification is a global, live training program for agencies, allowing participants to gain the knowledge of essential features of the TAM platform.

Who is it for?

Agency Teams - Planners, Traders, Buyers & Digital consultants

What’s included?

Education session, Q&A, Demo and certification Quiz

How long does it take?

TAM Fundamentals – 60 Mins
TAM Master – 90 Mins
TAM Attention Expert – 60 Mins

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Reach out to your local Teads rep to get involved!

Reach out to your local Teads rep to get involved!

Why choose TAM Certification:

TAM Live certification is a great program to increase your reputation agency.

Strengthen your knowledge:

Deep-dive on essential
TAM products and features

Free for partners:

Trainings and examination is complimentary for Teads Ad Manager users

Save time:

Learn how to set-up campaigns
in under 5 minutes

Showcase your expertise:

Earn TAM certification badges to showcase to your professional network on LinkedIn

TAM Program

What you will learn:

Teads Ad Manager live certification is a two courses program, pick your.

Level 1 – TAM Fundamentals

- Best practice set-up for efficient and effective activation
- How to plan campaign strategies using our Planner Tool
- How to track campaign performance and generate campaign reports

Level 2 – TAM Masters

- Advanced TAM targeting capabilities and data management
- Key features of branding and traffic acquisition trading strategies
- The details of machine learning for guaranteed outcomes

Badge Attention Economy

TAM Attention Expert

This course is a deep dive into the attention metrics, delivered in Teads Ad Manager (TAM), by Lumen LAMP. You will learn what lies behind attention measurement, why attention metrics are important, and how you can activate directly in any of your branding campaigns in TAM.

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