Teads cookieless solutions

Learn how Teads makes cookieless immediately actionable within Teads Ad Manager: The cookieless platform. Supported by live demos, you will discover how to leverage relevant cookieless targeting solutions throughout the digital marketing cycle. To build full confidence in cookieless media effectiveness, the data expert team will as well teach you how to conduct best-in-class A/B tests on the platform. At the end of this course you will be ready to leverage Teads cookieless solutions in self-serve.
Teads cookieless solutions

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Teads: The Global Media Platform

Publisher integrations and Teads format

Understand how Teads ad experience and collaboration with publishers

2 steps

Audience Targeting

Overview of Teads audience targeting solutions

4 steps

Teads Ad Manager: The Cookieless Platform


Teads Ad Manager introduction

2 steps

Standard cookieless audience targeting

Introduction and live demo of Teads cookieless audience catalogue

3 steps

Custom cookieless audience targeting

Presentation of Teads Cookieless Translator, proprietary tool used to make any cookie-based audience available in cookieless

4 steps

Contextual Targeting

Deep dive into Teads contextual targeting solutions

4 steps

Cookieless reporting

Learn to manage campaign reporting when using Teads cookieless mode

2 steps

Cookieless tests and use-cases

Teads cookieless activities

Review of the main cookieless activities managed by Teads during the past few years

1 step

Teads cookieless tests and results

What did we learn from cookieless tests?

2 steps

Cookieless case studies

Presentation of two case studies and Teads cookieless learning agenda

3 steps


Summary and key takeaways of Teads cookieless certification

1 step
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