Intro to Teads Studio

As the industry inches closer to being dominated by mobile, advertisers are constantly questioning how to adapt existing content for a vertical screen with limited attention. This course offers an overview of Teads Studio’s solutions such as creative workshops, campaign ideation, creative optimization, and A/B content testing to overcome the creative landscape’s challenges.
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Intro To Teads Studio

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Creative Challenges in Digital

Barriers in viewability, attention and user experience in digital

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Topics include: mobile, attention, mobile video, sound-off, viewability, device-first formats, user-first

What is Studio?

How Teads Studio helps brands overcome creative challenges

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Topics include: creative optimization, technology, outstream, custom-built units, creative support

Teads Studio Formats

An overview of video, display, and custom formats

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Topics include: video, viewable display, custom, gamification, AR, cube, inRead, scroller, flow, carousel, cinemagraph, shoppable video, overlay, skin, cross-device format, mobile, high impact, branding, engagement, CTA

Working with Studio

Ways brands can work with Studio and what assets are required

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Topics include: consultation, pre-production, l’Atelier, assets, video, imagery, background, enhanced platform formats

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