Drive Business Results Through Data-Driven Creative Strategies with Teads Studio

How do you make TV & Online video ads work harder on mobile? How can you make the most of campaign assets production? How do you leverage data to deliver personalized ads and better outcomes for your brand? This webinar will discuss how to drive better business results through data-driven creative strategies.

Hosted by:

Duration: 45 min


01:05 – Creative Challenges in mobile
03:09 – Pre-shooting Advice
10:28 – Redefining what is a success KPI
19:38 – Video Solutions Matrix
21:13 – Teads Prediction AI allows us to go further
23:20 – Data Driven Optimization examples
37:29 – Optimizations recap
38:29 – L’Atelier Teads Studio presentation
39:49 – Self-assembled Ads example
41:58 – Self-optimized Ads example

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