Danger + Opportunity: Advertising Strategy in the New Reality

In a moment of crisis, brands can lead or they can retreat. At Teads, we have a unique perspective into consumer behavior over the past few weeks, what content they trust, and how this translates to media performance and insights. Join us for a look at content consumption trends, pricing forecasts, and advertising strategies to help your brands take the lead and emerge a stronger company along the road to recovery.

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Duration: 49 min


03:44 – Agenda
05:29 – Consumers are paying more attention
07:54 – Consumer are engaging more with ads
11:32 – Consumers seeking trusted sources
18:14 – Consumption & buying habits are changing
26:08 – How brands can take the lead
28:06 – Rare media opportunity to « Play Offense”
33:50 – What we can learn from past recessions
36:20 – Opportunity for brands – Recap
37:40 – Tailoring advertising tactics
40:22 – Pandemic vs Recession
42:30 – The road to recovery

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