Une vie sans cookies ?

Quels sont les effets prévisibles de la fin des cookies tiers en termes de ciblage, d’optimisation des campagnes et de mesure tierce ? Quelles sont les solutions envisagées par l’industrie entre la mise en place d’un ID unique, le recours au ciblage contextuel ou à la donnée 1st party ?

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Duration: 44 min


00:48 – Introduction – Why are we here?
03:40 – What is a cookie?
06:13 – A brief history of cookies and industry changes
12:30 – Market snapshot: cookie support
15:44 – Impacts of cookieless on the Digital Value Chain
23:34 – Market Trends & Predictions
34:20 – Q&A: What about mobile apps IDs?
35:26 – Q&A: What is the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)?
36:46 – Q&A: What are the sources of the cookie availability numbers?
37:49 – Q&A: Are browsers implementing alternate solutions to cookies? What is the impact of cookieless on revenues today?
40:58 – Q&A: How to leverage First-Party Data with Lookalike?
42:29 – Q&A: How ID reconciliation could be performed across different platforms without third party cookies?

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