The Age of Internet Gardens

As idyllic as it sounds to live in the age of internet gardens—the open gardens of the unrestricted internet, and the contained digital environments metaphorically known as walled gardens—there is a war being fought between these gardens. The lack of restrictions in the open internet may have expanded advertising reach, but it has led to the rise of low-quality publishers that use too many third-party integrations, leading to VAST errors, product unification challenges, and the accrual of tech fees. There no longer has to be a choice between low-quality and user-generated content. We need this third ecosystem to maintain quality in digital advertising and give advertisers a complementary solution outside of the other gardens. And most importantly to provide advertisers with quality results they demand.

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Duration: 31 min


01:25 – The Walled Gardens
04:10 – Advertiser benefits from walled gardens
06:04 – Walled in concerns: Brand Safety & Fake News
11:02 – Walled gardens and user privacy
12:35 – Closed system for advertisers
14:20 – The Open Garden & its benefits
15:35 – Concerns in the Open Gardens: Tech Friction
17:39 – Quality risks in the Open Internet
21:03 – The Curated Garden
25:00 – Curated Garden advantages
26:43 – Traffic evolution since COVID-19
31:03 – Teads mission statement

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