Teads Predictive AI and Guaranteed Outcomes

Artificial intelligence at Teads, explained. How our machine learning algorithms bring you guaranteed results. We reveal all the secrets of our AI and how our prediction models work.

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Duration: 35 min


01:20 – Introducing: The Global Media Platform
06:10 – Teads Prediction AI: A Peak Under The Hood
10:02 – Click Through Rate prediction example
18:55 – Guaranteed Outcome for The Open Internet
19:49 – Teads Ad Manager Demo
22:42 – Teads Ad Manager vs DSPs
25:10 – Key Takeaways
26:52 – Q&A: Will the machine do everything in the future?
28:53 – Q&A: Is context becoming more important in a cookieless world?
30:43 – Q&A: How user clustering works
32:05 – Q&A: What about sentiment targeting
33:15 – Q&A: What are the advantages of using Teads over Google?

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