Teads for Publishers: Helping Publishers to meet the needs of the Advertisers

Teads brings together the most premium publishers on the planet within the Global Media Platform. How can we help them optimize their inventory to meet the needs of the most demanding advertisers?

Hosted by:

Federico Benincasa

Federico Benincasa

SVP Product

Duration: 44 min


03:49 – Introducing The Global Media Platform
06:56 – What Teads is trying to achieve
10:18 – 7 layers of The Global Media Platform
17:15 – Teads relationship with Publishers
23:29 – All-device support
24:21 – Fraud-free guarantees
25:44 – User Consent Management
27:04 – Semantic page scan & Classification
28:36 – How do we ensure Brand Safety
33:29 – Viewability by design
35:44 – Demo – Teads For Publishers

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