Rethinking Full-Funnel Strategies During COVID-19

As we practice social distancing and stay home to flatten the curve, screen time has seen drastic increases and consumers are relying heavily on products and services that can be delivered. Marketers can and should adapt swiftly to create efficiencies in the funnel. This session will help navigate the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us for a deep dive on Teads True Visits. This discussion will identify the challenges of traffic and customer acquisition during these unprecedented times and why we should focus on incrementality to drive efficiency. You’ll Learn:
  • What should brands be doing in response to the changing situation?
  • What are some do and don’ts as we navigate through our performance strategies?

Hosted by:

Duration: 33 min


01:09 – Changes Caused by COVID-19
06:50 – Market Challenges: quality & incrementality
08:57 – Teads approach to those challenges
11:32 – Let’s define the metric that matters
12:45 – How can we target the right person?
14:50 – A/B testing: creative variations drive results
15:20 – No Pixel, no Party
16:15 – What we might expect after COVID-19
17:47 – Traffic Acquisition campaign setup demo

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