Predictive AI & Guaranteed Outcomes

AI is often used as a marketing buzzword but rarely explained as the practical tool that it is. In this session Teads’ Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Gilles Moncaubeig opens up the hood and gives us an inside look at the Teads AI engine. After a short primer on machine learning algorithms, we look at a concrete example of how AI predicts a given KPI outcome, by analyzing over 50 different variables. We end with a brief walkthrough on how clients can use Teads Ad Manager to get the most out of these AI tools. At Teads, we believe that AI should be demystified, measured, and tangible, watch now to see the difference Teads AI can make for your campaigns.

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Duration: 28 min


01:05 – Introducing: The Global Media Platform
06:40 – Teads Prediction AI: A Peak Under The Hood
08:28 – How to build an estimator
10:45 – Click Through Rate prediction example
19:30 – Guaranteed Outcome for The Open Internet
20:10 – Teads Ad Manager Demo
23:15 – Teads Ad Manager vs DSPs
26:02 – Key Takeaways

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