Optimizing Your Campaign for Attention

The battle for attention is real as ads compete against a lot of potential distractions. In fact 70% of video ads are visible while only ⅕ are actually watched. In our world today, respecting and winning the user’s attention is the only viable solution. So how can brands better optimize their campaigns to respectfully get users to watch their ads? This webinar will discuss the attention funnel, the 5 key drivers for attention, as well as how to design, transact and measure attention in campaigns to optimize the time spent.

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Duration: 34 min


00:49 – User attention figures for digital advertising
02:43 – From visibility to attention
06:05 – Challenges in measuring user attention
08:16 – Introducing the 5 attention drivers
11:40 – The creative challenge
15:45 – Designing ads for attention
19:10 – Possible storytelling types and examples
29:25 – Cracking the code of attention

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