Fireside Chat: Navigating the New Ad Business in COVID-19 With Insider Inc.

The COVID-19 crisis has presented our industry with new challenges to navigate. In this session, we chat with Pete Spande, CRO of Insider Inc. about how he’s managing “the new ad business” in the midst of a pandemic. The discussion will focus on how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting what content people are consuming, how advertisers are managing brand safety and keyword blocking, and what offerings Insider Inc. is developing to mitigate our new reality on both the newsroom and monetization front.

Hosted by:

Duration: 48 min


02:30 – How is the Insider team adjusting
05:17 – How Insider addresses the crisis
11:00 – How do you adapt (messaging, ad locations, etc.)?
14:40 – Brand Safety concerns with the pandemic
18:54 – Have you seen brands increasing their volumes?
23:36 – Revenue strategy adjustment
29:50 – Which remote tools would you keep post pandemic?
35:58 – Discussing how unique Insider Inc. is
42:17 – Have you seen changes in interests from readers?
45:03 – Q&A: Non-traditional pricing models
46:17 – Q&A: What to say to clients stopping their campaigns

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