How can Teads help Brands Optimize Creatively in these Trying Times

This webinar discusses why reaching audiences mindfully during trying times can be tricky. Pre-COVID-19 creatives and messaging no longer work in the current climate and will most likely come across as tone deaf. Teads Studio has six recommendations for brands to stay relevant with their audiences. In this webinar, you will learn how to maintain creativity, adjust messaging in light of the pandemic, adapt creatives, and optimize campaign formats for context.

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Duration: 29 min


02:12 – Inspiration from great content
07:46 – Session summary
08:38 – Teads presentation and Value Proposition
12:25 – 1.Adapting your video & static content
14:45 – 2.Adapting your current assets
16:35 – 3. Repurpose your (D)OOH assets
17:27 – 4. Repurpose your social media assets
18:26 – 5. E-commerce focused creatives
19:24 – Teads Studio presentation
20:10 – What people miss most during COVID-19
21:55 – What are consumers reading
25:41 – Q&A: Animation in creatives
27:06 – Q&A: Tips to make creatives in quarantine

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