Brand Safety During These Strange Times

Over the last few years, brand safety has been a concern for all advertisers and still remains a priority for the industry. Teads’ SVP of Global Ad Operations, Meg Runeari discusses her personal beliefs about brand suitability, our efforts at Teads and most importantly, our collective responsibility to combat the challenges surrounding brand safety.

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Duration: 22 min


02:41 – How do we define Brand Safety?
04:11 – How do we define Brand Suitability?
07:03 – Presenting The Global Media Platform
08:13 – Brand Safety statistics from Teads
09:39 – Implications of excluding News Publishers
11:35 – 3 Pillars to protect advertiser brands
12:46 – Teads Direct Relationship with Publishers
13:23 – Layers of Brand Safety defense at Teads
16:20 – Who owns Brand Safety at Teads
17:07 – What should brands do in times of COVID-19

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